Our values


We offer fully customised processing to satisfy even the most demanding customers. Our continuous investment in technology guarantees top production efficiency.

Our facilities

Our production facilities enable us to work safely, quickly and with top quality. The values obtained are a model and guarantee of efficiency:

Thermal Zinc Zn 98.5% min.

Kofler S.p.a. – always a leader in the industry and benefiting from the large volumes of 99.995% SHG zinc marketed – has expanded its business in recent years by developing trade in new types of ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

Investments made



Energy Optimisation

Raw materials


Sound emissions


Diffuse dust

Waste water

What we seek

  • Skimmings
  • Zinc blowings
  • Hard zinc
  • Zinc dust from pipe blowing
  • Zinc dust from wire spraying
  • Laminate production waste
  • Zinc scrap